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About Us:

DubZone is being created to help users use technology the way it should be without the large corporations fighting for dominance and getting in the way with their selfishness. DubZone does not believe that you should have to suffer just because the large corporations want to have control, instead, we put the people first rather than ourselves.
The creator(s) of DubZone have created this project to allow people to stay connected, without the competitors limiting you to just their products and apps, as well as cut out unneeded information that causes time to be wasted.

Although this project is not complete, an alternate project has been setup in the meantime to allow people to connect and socialize. Post your different social accounts and browse through others to meet new people. Note that the main purpose of this site is still being planned and created, however we are working hard to get it going so that you will have the best experience with us. We hope you take a few minutes to sign up and try it out!